I am the lead developer of Velocitize, an online publication focusing on emerging digital marketing trends and sponsored by WP Engine. I led the launch of the site in Fall 2016 and have worked to maintain and improve it since that time.

Torque Magazine

I am the principal developer for the Torque Magazine website. Torque is a WordPress-focused online magazine sponsored by WP Engine, but which maintains editorial independence. I have overseen one major site redesign of Torque and continuous visual and structural improvements.

WP Engine

Screenshot of the WP Engine website

I am the primary developer for WP Engine’s public websites, especially During that time I led two major redesigns of the site’s appearance, a cleanup of the legacy codebase that resulted in over 2 million fewer lines of code, and a move from SFTP-based deployments to continuous integration.

The site loads over 300% faster than it initially did, with the DOM regularly loading in less than 1 second. Conversion rates have increased close to 10% during my tenure managing the site.

Thomas Consultation

Thomas Consultation Homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was the lead developer on several web design projects for Thomas Consultation.

We developed six different websites for Thomas Consultation to serve a variety of business needs. The sites included significant SEO work, member recruitment and outreach, directory services, and more. We designed a custom theme for each site and wrote several plugins to meet specific site needs.

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barre3 homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was a team developer on an eCommerce switch for barre3.

We changed the eCommerce platform from Braintree to WooCommerce, including a migration of hundreds of thousands of active subscriptions. Our work included the launch of new promotional systems and subscriber engagement designs.

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Inside Texas

Inside Texas Homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was a major developer on a security overhall of Inside Texas.

Inside Texas was moved from an out-of-date forum software to Xenforo, with additional security features. We integrated Xenforo’s user management features with a PayPal payment system and WordPress user management. A custom database system was designed to manage a UT sports player’s record keeping system.

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Smartling Homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was the lead developer on a rebuild of the Smartling website.

We migrated the site from static HTML to WordPress, with a pixel to pixel match of the design. Hundreds of posts in a half dozen different post types were migrated into WordPress.

The site includes a customized Genesis theme, custom post types, archive pages containing multiple media types, and multiple dynamic sidebars.

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ATTW screenshot

The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing is a professional organization of academics associated with Technical Writing, Professional Writing, Writing in the Disciplines, and related fields.

For 2 years I was the ATTW Web Editor, in which I took a visionary role developing new directions for the organization’s online presence. This position was substantially more than a web master or content manager. In it, I coordinated half a dozen colleagues as we established a social media presence, launched a new online conference proposal system, organized and promoted the organization’s history, and established new systems for member participation online.

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Stock Pics

Stock Pics screenshot

This website is a custom build for a stock photo e-commerce site. It is built using Drupal 7, a heavily modified child of a popular theme, and Ubercart.

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