WOOC Screenshot

I am a co-developer of the Writing for Transfer online course (nicknamed WOOC). This Little Open Online Course, similar to a MOOC, is designed to provide ongoing writing education and support to students once they have completed First Year Composition courses. Several hundred resources (to be expanded to several thousand) are delivered to the user through a combination of semantic search capabilities and a recommender system built off of Apache Mahout. A dynamic lexicon serves as an organizing metadata for the resources.

[sitelink title=’WOOC’ link=’http://writing.opencourse.stedwards.edu’]


SEUFolios homepage

I am the lead developer for SEUFolios, a WordPress-based ePortfolio platform for students. For students, the platform provides flexibility, course integration, and document embedding. For faculty, the platform provides an online assessment tool. SEUFolios is a single system that shares data across multiple CMS systems. English Writing, Religious and Theological Studies, Visual Studies, Modern Languages, and Communications departments, as well as the School of Education currently use SEUFolios. Discussions have taken place with the St. Edward’s president regarding commercializing the system.

[sitelink title=’SEUFolios’ link=’http://seufolios.org’]


ATTW screenshot

The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing is a professional organization of academics associated with Technical Writing, Professional Writing, Writing in the Disciplines, and related fields.

For 2 years I was the ATTW Web Editor, in which I took a visionary role developing new directions for the organization’s online presence. This position was substantially more than a web master or content manager. In it, I coordinated half a dozen colleagues as we established a social media presence, launched a new online conference proposal system, organized and promoted the organization’s history, and established new systems for member participation online.

[sitelink title=’ATTW’ link=’http://attw.org’]

Stock Pics

Stock Pics screenshot

This website is a custom build for a stock photo e-commerce site. It is built using Drupal 7, a heavily modified child of a popular theme, and Ubercart.

[sitelink title=’Stock Pics’ link=’http://stock-pics.com’]

Gold Ribbon Rescue

GRR website

Gold Ribbon Rescue is the dog rescue group in Austin that focuses solely on golden retrievers. I adopted my golden, Friday, from them in 2011. Since then I have volunteered with the group by serving as their webmaster.

In this role I rebuilt the website from a dated Frontpage-based system to a Drupal 7 site. This has given the group a lot more power and flexibility. The new site is capable of a great deal more automation and the workload has been distributed to a number of individuals with limited privileges.

[sitelink title=’Gold Ribbon Rescue’ link=’http://grr-tx.com’]