Thomas Consultation

Thomas Consultation Homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was the lead developer on several web design projects for Thomas Consultation.

We developed six different websites for Thomas Consultation to serve a variety of business needs. The sites included significant SEO work, member recruitment and outreach, directory services, and more. We designed a custom theme for each site and wrote several plugins to meet specific site needs.

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barre3 homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was a team developer on an eCommerce switch for barre3.

We changed the eCommerce platform from Braintree to WooCommerce, including a migration of hundreds of thousands of active subscriptions. Our work included the launch of new promotional systems and subscriber engagement designs.

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Inside Texas

Inside Texas Homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was a major developer on a security overhall of Inside Texas.

Inside Texas was moved from an out-of-date forum software to Xenforo, with additional security features. We integrated Xenforo’s user management features with a PayPal payment system and WordPress user management. A custom database system was designed to manage a UT sports player’s record keeping system.

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Smartling Homepage

As part of my career with Marketing Clique, I was the lead developer on a rebuild of the Smartling website.

We migrated the site from static HTML to WordPress, with a pixel to pixel match of the design. Hundreds of posts in a half dozen different post types were migrated into WordPress.

The site includes a customized Genesis theme, custom post types, archive pages containing multiple media types, and multiple dynamic sidebars.

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WOOC Screenshot

I am a co-developer of the Writing for Transfer online course (nicknamed WOOC). This Little Open Online Course, similar to a MOOC, is designed to provide ongoing writing education and support to students once they have completed First Year Composition courses. Several hundred resources (to be expanded to several thousand) are delivered to the user through a combination of semantic search capabilities and a recommender system built off of Apache Mahout. A dynamic lexicon serves as an organizing metadata for the resources.

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ATTW screenshot

The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing is a professional organization of academics associated with Technical Writing, Professional Writing, Writing in the Disciplines, and related fields.

For 2 years I was the ATTW Web Editor, in which I took a visionary role developing new directions for the organization’s online presence. This position was substantially more than a web master or content manager. In it, I coordinated half a dozen colleagues as we established a social media presence, launched a new online conference proposal system, organized and promoted the organization’s history, and established new systems for member participation online.

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